It seems that many people went abroad this summer.

My first overseas trip was Hawaii.

My first overseas trip was Hawaii. Although it was the first time to tour the hotel and the aircraft, I was checking out where I wanted to go from before going. First I went shopping with a free bus for shopping. Shopping there is a gesture to a clerk who can not understand Japanese and shopping in one word English. It was an electronic dictionary that unexpectedly helped. It is probably because I travel abroad to do shopping like this. We also entered the zoo near the hotel. Imagining a zoo in Japan it was amazingly wide. Also, although it was quite a long time ago, I was surprised to see that the animals are not in the cage, but that they are moving freely where they are widely separated. There he talked with foreign girls casually. It is because I am not good at English and I can travel abroad for my part-time English without being shy. I felt that the shame of traveling was words to use for dying like abandoning. It is also a real pleasure of traveling abroad to see the tree that I wanted to see or to see things that had been checked in advance.

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