It seems that many people went abroad this summer.

Even though it is said to be a developed country or an economic superpower...

Even though it is said to be a developed country or an economic superpower, Japan's land is narrow. There are times when you feel distant to your destination such as walking, biking, traveling by automobiles using 1000 yen high speed. However, in the first place evidence that the country is narrow is considered to be able to move with such means of transportation. If possible, once in overseas, the enormous and magnificent overseas landscape, the way you think will change if you look with that eye. I introduce the scenery that I do not know in Japan. First of all, the majesty of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I was admired by the size that is unimaginable to accept anything. Also, the huge glacial stature. It can be felt that it is seriously the natural wonders that have continued to have tremendous time. And a quietly clear lake. I forgot the time for the size and beauty of the Japanese lake which I feel in the irrigation pond. Also, the land of a shape that can not be thought of as the endless of the Grand Canyon. The power of Niagara Falls with too much water. If you look at these things, it seems to be a cute feeling of the coziness of the sightseeing spots in Japan. The view of the foreign tourist resort is exactly the way life view changes. In other words, Japanese are said to have delicate and delicate mind. To the contrary, the way of thinking is narrow and submissive. It may be that the idea also becomes small if I have never spent a large and big place. It may be necessary for Japanese people to see a large and big scenery overseas. It can be said that it is the real pleasure of traveling abroad that it is possible to experience the great impression that can not be experienced in Zettai in Japan.

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